Specialist Mortgage Advisers in Leicestershire

We are specialist property finance advisers with a wealth of experience, knowledge & expertise in all things property.

You do not need to live locally to work with us. Whilst we are based in Leicestershire, our clients are all over the UK and we operate remotely.

Specialist Property Finance Advisers

Hello! We are Keys Mortgages and we are far more than mortgage brokers!

We are specialist property finance advisers with a wealth of experience, knowledge & expertise in all things property.

We specialise and have an exceptional reputation in the following areas:

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Mortgage & Finance Types

Mortgage & Finance Types

Mortgage FAQs

A mortgage is a loan used to purchase a home. The property you’re buying serves as security for the loan. You make regular payments, which include both principal (the loan amount) and interest, over a specified period. As you make payments, you gradually own more of the property.

There are various mortgage types, including fixed-rate mortgages (interest remains constant), variable-rate mortgages (interest fluctuates), tracker mortgages (linked to the Bank of England base rate), and more. Your mortgage broker can help you find the right option based on your financial situation and preferences.

The amount you can borrow depends on factors like your income, credit history, expenses, and the lender’s criteria. Lenders typically use a multiple of your income or affordability calculations to determine the maximum loan amount.

An agreement in principle (AIP) is a preliminary indication from a lender that you’re eligible for a mortgage up to a certain amount. It’s not a guarantee but can help you understand your budget. A formal mortgage offer is a commitment from the lender to provide the specified amount at agreed-upon terms after a thorough verification process.

Aside from the property’s price, you’ll need to budget for additional costs like arrangement fees, valuation fees, legal fees, stamp duty (if applicable) and potentially broker fees. Your mortgage broker can provide a breakdown of these costs.

A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between you and potential lenders. They analyse your financial situation, help you find suitable mortgage options, and guide you through the application process. Their expertise can save you time, ensure you’re aware of available options, and increase your chances of securing a favourable mortgage deal.

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Much more than just a mortgage broker

Specialist Advisers

We only deal with property finance and don’t dilute our service and skills by being a jack of all trades.

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on the extremely efficient but very personal service we provide our clients.

Time Saving

We have created systems that mean you can get on with your life and let us do what we do best.


We take client confidentiality seriously and our systems protect your data in line with current regulations.

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