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100% ‘top up’ loans!

100% ‘top up’ second charge loans for property investment now available up to 36 months!

This extended time period is brilliant as it gives you far longer to use the facility without the pressure of repayment. You can in effect create your own bridging/revolving loan facility!

It isn’t cheap but lending like this isn’t going to be however the case study proves a lot of money can be made.

You can borrow against your purchase and/or existing investment properties (one or more).

50% equity required elsewhere e.g. if you borrow £50,000 then an additional £25,000 equity is required elsewhere – this can be your home or another investment property (not the security property) but no charge is levied on that property and values/equity will be determined by automated valuation methods.

For more information on how it works and the terms and criteria please see the attachment.

Feel free to get in touch.


Case Study

Client raised £100,000 across 4 properties.

The status of the properties was:-

2 x OMV of £220k with £165k owing on each

2 x OMV of £150k with £110k owing on each

Secured with restrictions due to first charge lender resistance.

2% arrangement fee deducted from the loan

£1993 payments per month

Borrowed for a year.

Total costs approx £26k

Looks expensive?

They did two buy to sell deals and refurbished and sold two other properties in the portfolio.

Total money made £110,000!

Over £80k profit in a year that was unavailable to them had they not had this facility.