I thought I’d make a list of the 10 types of properties/locations I’d never buy again – at any price – as its something I’m often asked.

In addition many of these are issues I’ve seen homebuyers and investors have mortgage issues over.

I hope its helpful to newer investors and homebuyers if only to carry out a double take on your buying decisions or look more closely at a properties surroundings – I know when I bought some of these I didn’t even spot some of them or think they’d be an issue.

I appreciate there will be people who will disagree with me, have stories to prove otherwise and I know where there’s muck there can be brass and I’d add I still made money on all of these but this is purely a personal list based on my own experiences over 15 years.

Hindsight is afterall 20:20 vision!

1. On double yellow lines or red routes

2. Near a cemetery or crematorium

3. Leasehold

4. Close to commercial premises

5. Neighbouring properties

6. Near to water

7. More than 30 minutes from my home

8. On a steep hill

9. Near a railway or motorway

10. Rural property (for rent, resale is ok)

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