If you would like to become a Keys Client please read our Terms of Business and Frequently Asked Questions

Once you are happy to proceed please contact us.

Enquiries about our services are welcome by email or phone or by completing the form on our site.

Tel: 024 76 455 445

Email: enquiries@keys-mortgages.com

We will have a free, no obligation chat for around 30 minutes or converse via email to assess your circumstances and how we can help.

Assuming we can, then you will be invited to become a client.

We will send you our initial documentation to complete which includes a data capture form and information regarding the property you wish to finance.

We will send you our Acceptance of Services and progress with your case.

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Just Need Advice and not sure if you need a mortgage?

If you’d like to discuss strategy, planning and generally seek advice from Lisa then we can offer you two options:-

  1. Make a telephone appointment. The cost is £95 for 30 minutes and will be deducted from your fees should you become a client.
  1. Book a face to face appointment. The cost is £295 for 2 hours and will be deducted from your fees should you become a client.


These appointments are very limited due to time constraints.

To book an appointment please contact us


Free Advice

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