A lady initially contacted me to arrange a mortgage for a new home she was buying with her partner, having already rented out her previous home to move in with him. They intended to sell their current home to buy the new one, but it wasn’t selling.

In the course of talking through numerous options, I learnt that the lady hated her job and wanted to pursue her dream of running artist workshops.

I suggested that they rent out their current home instead of selling it, especially as they had experience of being landlords already. We then remortgaged the two buy-to-lets so they could put down a significant deposit on their new home – the rest being financed using a repayment mortgage that would be paid off in nine years, just as the gentleman of the couple retired (luckily he loved his job!).

The rental income and the new, low mortgage payment meant that within six months the lady was able to fulfill her dream and leave her job. She’s now running workshops and is a full-time artist.

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