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Financial Times Top 25 Financial Adviser

Hi I'm Lisa and I specialise in property finance; residential, buy to let and HMO finance, bridging, development, commercial and peer-to-peer lending, and I LOVE complex and unusual cases!

I’ve got over 17 years’ experience in the property industry as a property developer and investor myself with a large portfolio of properties in the Midlands.


My team and I are based in Coventry, but you don’t have to live here too! Our systems and procedures enable us to to work for you wherever in the World you happen to be.

I'm all about being...


Out-of-the-box thinking is what I do. I look at situations from fresh angles, and as a result I'm able to find new, imaginative ways to tackle the same problem.
Through a combination of lateral thinking and intricate knowledge of lenders’ criteria, I place business that other brokers would think impossible (and I don’t waste your time and fees by applying for mortgages that are never going to get to completion).


I take my role as an intermediary between lender and client extremely seriously. I have brilliant relationships and a superb reputation with lenders: they know that I'll fight my clients' cases all the way, but never outside the letter or spirit of their rules.
By having thorough, detailed knowledge about which lenders allow what, my team and I are able to remain compliant while still helping you achieve your goals. This ensures that you know your mortgage is always the right one for your situation.


I’m not just a mortgage processor, and nor is anyone else on my team: we work closely and exclusively with our clients, and we like to create long-lasting relationships with them.
Buying a property is the biggest purchase of your life, and it can be a very stressful time. Our aim is to reduce that stress as much as we can. And don’t worry if your personal or financial circumstances are embarrassing, difficult, unusual or unconventional: there’s nothing we haven’t come across before!

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  • Buy-to-let finance
  • HMO finance
  • Bridging
  • Development finance
  • Commercial finance
  • Portfolio restructuring
  • Deal structuring
  • Complex, unusual or difficult circumstances
  • And more

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  • Thanks to Lisa’s invaluable advice, I saved almost £80,000!

    I was about to invest in an auction property - a two-bedroom flat. Lisa thought it looked cheap, and within five minutes of my call she had traced the problem and advised why I shouldn’t invest in this property: it had been built without any planning permission, and there were council-enforcement complications.

    As I was a first-time buyer, Lisa also gave me a list of dos and don’ts for when buying an auction property. I can’t thank her enough for her quick and outstanding response.

    -Imran Palmeera, first-time buyer

  • If you’re thinking of buying somewhere to rent out as an alternative pension investment, I could not recommend Keys Mortgages and Lisa Orme enough. Do it now people - you’ll thank yourself in ten years’ time!

    As someone I know once put it: “If Carlsberg did mortgage brokers…” Big big thanks to Lisa Orme and her team!

    -Rachel Hodge

  • In the last nine months, I’ve arranged three buy-to-let mortgages through Keys Mortgages and Lisa. Everything was easy, and completely trouble-free. Lisa listens to her clients and chooses the best products that fit in with their needs. She knows the market inside-out, so knows which lenders are the best for each circumstance. Not only that, but she also keeps you up-to-date through the whole process.

    -Sunil Nagpal

  • Lisa was priceless, in the sense that she gave us far more than just advice. There were many times when I needed help on questions to do with solicitors and the housing association (because the property we bought is 50% shared ownership), and Lisa was always there for me. She found me amazing solicitors, and she also found me cheaper (and better) life and contents insurance than anyone else.

    -Dave Linford, first-time buyer

  • Lisa is worth everything to me, and she’s critical to my success in terms of her advice and vision. Her efforts are recognised and appreciated.

    -Anil Tiwari, portfolio HMO landlord

  • First class service! As well as saving me money by finding superb mortgage products, Lisa has actually saved me many times more with her realistic advice on property deals that weren't right for me. Fabulous!

    -Derek Moore, property investor

  • We have found Lisa and her team to be extremely knowledgeable and highly professional. They are the market leaders in the way they engage with their clients, as well as hugely efficient when processing applications to achieve the desired outcome.

    Lisa has taken the time to understand our business processes and criteria in order to offer the highest possible level of service. She is committed to finding the right solution for us every time, and we are proud to have such a strong relationship with her.

    -Karen Bennett, Shawbrook Bank

  • Lisa is one of those rare people who has the integrity and confidence to stand her ground while also being open to other opinions.

    -Šárka Naivertová, director of Distinct Estate Agents

  • Lisa is the most experienced and knowledgeable mortgage broker I know. She invests in buy-to-let properties herself, which means she’s also able to think like a landlord. She’s honest and efficient - and as she will never cut corners or do anything illegal, her reputation with the lenders is and always will be superb.

    -Graham Harris, experienced property investor and developer

  • We deal with the majority of cases that Lisa submits and we never have any issues with the applications she submits. Her knowledge of the buy-to-let industry through her work and own personal dealings really shows through in the standard of her applications and the queries we receive. If there is an issue with any of her applications, we know we can contact Lisa and the issue will be resolved efficiently and with no further problems occurring. Lisa is a pleasure to do business with.

    -The Mortgage Works

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